Thursday, June 23, 2011

Impro Terapia @ The Park

4 Week Improvisational Theater Summer Workshop!

ImproTerapia is back in NYC for a summer workshop. Erik Rodriguez, founder of Impro Terapia, spent 3 months touring Spain and Rome showing his Improvisational Theater techniques to hundreds of actors and non actors. Erik has dedicated his life to studying the art of Improvisational Theater making him one of the top 5 best Improv teachers in the world. Mixing his Logotherapy and Kriya Yoga studies, Erik has created a way anyone could grow spiritually and professionally through Improv exercises and Theater techniques.

Summer program

4 weeks / twice a week / 2 1/2 hrs daily / 20 hrs. total

Tuesdays and Fridays: 9 am


Class Description

Physical Training and Improv Exercises
Spontaneity Training
Improvisational Theater

Physical Training: Physical interaction is a primordial aspect of this method. The day will begin with a set of exercises to warm up the body. One of the goals of this session is learning and understanding how to use the body and its possible limitation, and working towards overcoming those limits. Will also learn how to work collectively as a team in a peaceful yet hi-energy environment.

Spontaneity Training:
Crucial to the Art of Improvisational Theater and fundamental to all actors . This session of the workshop is dedicated to strengthening personal spontaneity which can help the student lower their level of censorship, so that they can be free to react to their partners and the collective from a place of truth.

Improvisational Theater: There are no "stars" here but the improvisation itself. How to create stories, characters, situations, places and many amazing things out of your imagination. A group of people creating amazing stories together and liberating their own self with no fear of making mistakes or being ridiculed. A true self esteem boost!

Check out this link to see Erik Rodriguez

Monday, May 30, 2011

practice your Conversational English via Skype!

Hola Queridos Amigos de Impro Terapia,

Practica inglés con un profesor nativo, nacido en Nueva York.

Si te interesa tomar clases de Inglés para mejorar tu inglés conversacional, hablar más claro, practicar vocabulario y controlar tu miedo a hablar el inglés en público comunícate conmigo a:


SKYPE "IMPROTERAPIA" : 10 Euros x 45 minutos. Compra 3 clases y la 4ta es GRATIS!

PERSONAL : 15 Euros x 45 minutos. Compra 3 clases y la 4ta es GRATIS! (solo en Barcelona)

GRUPOS : 5 Euros x persona. 1 hora. Mínimo 4 alumnos / Máximo 6 (solo en Barcelona)

Hello dear friends of Impro Terapia,

Practice your English with a native speaker from New York!
If you are interested in taking classes to improve your conversational English by speaking clearer, practicing vocabulary, controlling your fear of speaking English, etc.

Contact me at:

My rates are:

SKYPE "IMPROTERAPIA" : 10 Euros x 45 minutes. If you buy 3 classes the 4th is free.

PERSONAL : 15 Euros for 45 minutes. If you buy 3 classes the 4th is free. (ONLY IN BARCELONA)

GROUPS : 5 Euros per person. 1 hour. Minimum 4 people / maximum 6 people (ONLY IN BARCELONA)

Thank you for your support,

Om, Shanti, Om!



Learning, Learning, Learning... I am learning!!!!

It is a pleasure to learn, step off being the teacher is definitely important. A good teacher is the one never stops being a good student.

Barcelona is a great city! If you are nearby come June 3rd and 17th to see me host Impro FIghters.
Tetareneu, calle Terol. barrio de Gracia. 23h.


Aprender, aprender, aprender... Estoy aprendiendo.

Es un placer aprender, dejar de ser el maestro es muy importante. El buen maestro es aquel que nunca deja de ser buen estudiante.

Barcelona es una gran ciudad. Si estas cerca en Junio 3 o el 17 ven a verme presentar Impro FIghters. En el Teatreneu, calle Teron en el barrio de Gracia.

info @