Tuesday, November 24, 2009

El Gran Amante! The Perfect Lover!!!

"En momentos que nos sentimos perdidos encontrarse es refrescante... somos un oasis de sueños atrapados en Maya. Deberíamos considerar buscarnos más a menudo, encontraríamos a un "Yo" alucinante, increíble... Encontraríamos a nuestro verdadero Fan número 1... Seríamos nuestro mejor amigo... Nuestro Gran Amante!"

E. Rodríguez (Improterapia)

Dar cursos o talleres es increíble. Aprendo mucho con mis chicos en New York. Ahora hay receso y hasta enero no vuelvo a dar clases. En febrero ando de gira por España y en mayo Finlandia! Wao! Me emociona mucho saber que me encontraré con viejos amigos y con gente nueva.
La gente me fascina. Cada uno de ellos vive en un mundo especial y cuando me abren la puerta me muestran cosas increíbles. Algunos el primer día y otros se ponen dificilones.
dejarlos fluir hasta encontrar ese policía, maestro de la censura... ese ladrón de espontaneidad... esa es la verdadera misión...


"In moments we feel lost, finding ourselves becomes refreshing... We are an oasis of dreams trapped in Maya. We should consider looking for ourselves more often, we'll be able to find a fascinating, outstanding, marvelous "I"... we could find our number 1 fan... our best friend... the perfect lover!"

E. Rodríguez (Improterapia)

I love teaching. It feels so good, it's incredible! I learn so much with my students in New York. we are taking the winter off so I won't be back 'til Jan. On February I'll be on tour on Spain and then Finland on May! Wao! Knowing that I will see old friends and meeting new people gets me excited and motivated to keep working harder and harder...
I love people! Each person lives in a fascinating world and when they open their doors they show incredible things, I loooove it! Some are more difficult and shy, but that's important also.
They must flow at their own rhythm so that the Censorship Officer in their head can be found... eliminate the Spontaneity thief is my mission...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Erik Rodriguez will be acting in the Living Theatre with Judith Malina

Judith Malina will direct Anne Waldman's Red Noir to run December 7-January 30 at The Living Theatre. The play is a detective thriller set on the Lower East Side. The company will feature Camilla de Araujo, Brent Barker, Vinie Burrows, Maylin Castro, Ben Cerf, Sheila Dabney, Jay Dobkin, Luis Christian Dilorenzi, Erin Downhour, Eno Edet, Tjasa Ferme, Ondina Frate, Gemma Forbes, Maria Guzman, Home Hynes, Silas Inches Albert Lamont, Jenna Kirk, Celeste Moratti, Martin Munoz, Lucie Pohl, Marie Pohl, Erik Rodriguez, Judi Rymer, Anthony Sisco, Lori Summers, Enoch Wu, and Kennedy Yanko.

The creative team will include Richard Retta (lighting design); Ilion Troya, Richard Retta, and Malina (scenic design); and Sheila Dabney (musical direction).

In Red Noir, writer Anne Waldman combines metaphors of the film noir genre and reflections on modern life in our economically and ecologically trouble ridden war culture. Set on the Lower East Side, with an array of vivid characters whose lives intertwine, the play follows a female detective as she investigates a black market deal done by many greedy hands and pursues two men, each carrying a valise - one filled with a nuclear or toxic substance; the other filled with the seeds of the future. Integrating Ms. Malina's direction and Ms. Waldman's vast and accomplished literary catalogue, Red Noir exposes lists of toxic chemicals, reaches out to the Middle East, and expounds upon troubles in our worldly existence in an attempt to find ways toward revelation, revolution and redemption.

For further information, visit www.livingtheatre.org

SOURCE theatermania.com

Friday, November 6, 2009

Free open class at The living Theatre

Date: Sunday, November 8, 2009
Time: 7:00pm - 10:00pm
Location: Living Theater 21 Clinton St (between Houston and Stanton)
Cost: Free

Come join us for a free evening of improv, emotional preparation for scenes, intro to relaxation technique and how to audition in front of the camera. There may be more added to the curriculum but we always have fun.

Melvin Huffnagle - Relaxation technique

Amy Werba - Emtional prep

David Triacca - On camera audition

Erik Rodriguez - Improv

The Living Theatre 21 Clinton St NYC (F to Delancey St) Questions call Luis 646-229-5241